Monday, December 03, 2012

The Breakfast of "Champions"

For the past couple weeks I've been having a Kellogg's Pop Tart every few mornings for breakfast with a coffee.  And nearly every time I've gotten comments alluding to Pop Tarts being very unhealthy.

First, I realize these toaster pastries are not very health, as neither are really any pastry in the first place.  Pop Tarts, as most boxed food does, has ridiculous amounts of sodium in it in addition to the normal fatty nature of a pastry, which I assume it to give the pastry along with its fruit filling a hefty shelf-life.  But here is the nutritional information on my Pop Tarts:

But what gets me about it is that people here eat all manner of fatty breakfast foods.  Krispy Kreme is extremely popular here.  I don't know if everywhere refers to them as this, but around the office I only hear them referred to as "KKs".  But check out their info:

Technically, my two Pop Tarts are 24 more calories vs. two Krispy Kremes (the typical glazed bread kind).  But if you are looking at the calories from fat, the Krispy Kremes have 74% more fat calories.  But people wouldn't bat an eye at having the donuts.

Even worse yet...let's say that someone stopped by Starbucks and picked up a Starbucks 16oz "Caramel Macchiato" (And their 'Macchiato' isn't actually a traditional macchiato at is a latte...but that is a discussion for another time.) at 304 calories (108 from fat):

And a cinnamon roll at 620 calories (261 from fat):

Dunno...I think that people should stop commenting on my occasional blueberry Pop Tart.

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