Sunday, March 04, 2012

Ditch the smartphone, carry a phone and an iPod

I have to say that I'm unimpressed with smartphones in a number of ways.  Most of us have to pay $20-40 in data fees to have the smartphone on our cell plan in the first place...though the majority of us also abandon 3G for Wifi every case we can, because it is crazy-fast in comparison, and costs less battery power.

So, this has made me consider a something for my next phone contract...or contractless venture:  NO DATA PLAN. 

What?  No data will you get a smartphone?  The answer is that I won't.  I'll get a freebee on a 2-year subsidized plan, or a sub-$100 phone that will text easily on a contractless plan.  Guess I'll have to live without the status symbol that iPhone has hoo.

Since I rarely (or almost never) actually use my G3 to do anything but send an occasional G+ article, Tweet something, or get an e-mail....I can wait the 30 minutes it takes to get near a Wifi connection.  Then perhaps I'll get an iPod Touch or a Galaxy Tab or a netbook to actually do data at that Wifi location.

I'll be saving myself quite a bit of cash each year (at least $1000 or so per year on a Sprint family contract)...and still doing those 'smartphone-like' tasks nearly as much as I presently am.  I'll still have texting on the phone...which is how people contact me quickly anyway.  The point being that not getting an e-mail, or not being able to Tweet anytime is not a huge disadvantage or lack of convenience.

What about maps?  GPS devices still seem to work better in general than phones.  What about finding a place to eat?  I can figure that out before I leave my Wifi connection, or just try something new.  What about sending a photo of something I want to share?  Share it a couple hours from will still be meaningful then if was meaningful in the first place.  What if I'm in line and bored?  God forbid that you are not 100% connected every second of your day, or not entertained at every moment.

What if I need to be connected to everything, and can't be bothered to carry a bag with small electronic devices, but have to carry just one thing in my pocket? me there.  But crazy-convenience wasn't the point, remember.  The point is:  how do I save my family a bunch of money each year and still do 95% of what I can do with a smartphone.  You just don't need a smartphone to accomplish that, though you may have to carry 2 devices instead of just one.  That doesn't seem to me to be a horrible sacrifice.


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