Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Not as much snow as you think...but still bad enough

The Ozarks really just aren't prepared for snow. So, as much as the macho truck owners are confident about their 4-wheel-drive and super-human driving abilities....there are crazy tons of accidents and people stuck all over Springfield and the surrounding areas.

Snow out in the front of the house

The snow was coming down pretty fast for a few hours, but at the moment it stopped and just blowing around. NOAA has downgraded their estimates yet again to 7-10 inches of total accumulation. Presently there is only about 4 inches of snow in my back yard, though in the front-yard snow is blowing everywhere and drifting pretty badly.

Only 4 inches of accumulation as of yet

Also it appears that I44 from James River Freeway in Springfield, MO all the way to Oklahoma is closed.

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