Friday, February 04, 2011

Bing Steals Results from Google

If you haven't heard about this yet, it may be so consistent of a practice for Microsoft that it is immediately blown off. But Microsoft is doing it again. But they are not just duplicating ideas from other companies and calling it their own. This time Microsoft is just flat-out ripping off search results that would appear in Google's Search engine.

Of course Microsoft has denied such an allegation. But Google one-up'd this time. Google planted fallacious, marked search results in their systems...things that are not real and thus would never actually be searched for, much less return specific, planted results. But a few weeks after Google planted these search results in their system...they appear on Microsoft Bing verbatim.

Here is what Google did to prove Microsoft was copying their results:

Microsoft is, of course, STILL denying that it copied those results. But it is clear that one of their technologies, whether it be the Bing toolbar for IE, or Windows or IE themselves, are harvesting search results from other engines, like Google's.

Stephen Colbert has a humorous bit on this:

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