Monday, January 31, 2011

Bracing for Snowmageddon, Springfield MO - 2011

The weather forecast has been increasing in amount of snow accumulation all day. This morning it was 3-4 inches or perhaps ice. Around noon it was 6-12 inches with possible ice as well. Now the estimate is 1/2-inch of ice, and then 13-17 inches of accumulated snow. This could be the worst blizzard in the Ozarks since 1912, says the National Weather Service.

I really doubt that people are prepared to deal with this much snow, though MoDOT says their trucks are all ready to go. Hopefully Springfield area businesses are also willing to be kind and generous to their employees! Be kind to your neighbors!

Update: NOAA has updated the forecast again. Probably no ice now...but tomorrow the snow accumulation possible is 9-13 inches. So...less of the 'mageddon at this point.

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