Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sen. Bernie Sanders Explains Why the Obama/GOP Tax Compromise Is Bad

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-CT), just in the first video, explains a number of things that most Americans probably don't realize about the national budget deficit, the national debt, tax breaks, average incomes, and the estate tax (the supposed death tax). This is a great couple of videos, and full of information that ALL Americans should know.

On the history of the deficit, tax-cuts, and "the death tax" (12 minutes) - Dec 10, 2010

On income inequality, the corporate bailouts, and executive incomes (13 minutes) - Dec 1, 2010

From Ezra Klein's blog, showing the tax-cut proposal's refunds per plan. You'll quickly see problem on with breaks for the top-earners.

Tax plans in one graph

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