Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The DREAM Act Vindicated in House Debate

Representative Howard Berman (D-California) puts the controversy about the DREAM Act in perspective. The Republicans are grossly misrepresenting this bill, and trying to punish a group of people who have done absolutely nothing wrong, aside from being born of parents that immigrated illegally to this country. It is wrong to punish these people, brought here as children, for their nationality of birth. This bill would give these people the opportunity to be citizens of the country they have grown up in, this United States of America...if they will educate themselves at a college or serve in the military. Either way our nation benefits.

From The Daily Kos and C-SPAN:

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  1. By the case you didn't know, I hadn't mentioned that the DREAM Act passed in the House. Now on to the gambit of the Senate.