Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tomorrow: National UnFriend Day!

Tomorrow, November 17th, is National UnFriend Day! UnFriend the people who are not really your friends. A person cannot have hundreds (or thousands) of actual friends. Remember when you had to actually ask someone how they were or what they were up to? If you were really going to keep up with every person you've ever known, you would have found a way to do so without Facebook...but you didn't. They aren't your friends. Time to remove all those who are not really your friends.

I've been away from Facebook and nearly all the social networking sites for quite some time (Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, etc.). I appreciate all of my short list of real friends who actually have my phone number. So, since I'm not on Facebook, what will I be doing tomorrow? Tomorrow I will be dropping Google's site newsfeed, called "Buzz", that has been posting my comments, postings, videos and pictures when I make changes in Reader, Picasa, or Youtube. Tomorrow...the Buzz feed goes away.

More on National UnFriend Day...and how Facebook is actually retaliating to make it more difficult to un-friend someone:

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