Friday, November 05, 2010

The Self-Contained Right-Wing Conservative Media Universe

This is something that has come up over and over again, and it is an issue that has been addressed everywhere from the comedic Jon Stewart to the press room at the White House. Fox News and other conservative pundits create quote a non-existent news item, and then they all cite each other as media sources where the issue is becoming big news.

I was listening to an interview with Senator-elect Dan Coates from Indiana by Robert Siegel where he says that everyone feels that the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not something they want and needs to be repealed. Siegel points out that Democrats point to polls that show that at least half of the American public doesn't think that it needs to be repealed. Coates states that everyone he's spoken to does. This is another example of these self-contained conservative news.

Rachel Maddow has further very pointed examples, including some very ridiculous new reports:

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