Saturday, October 23, 2010

Grassroots Tea Party? No...welcome to the Plutarchy.

The Tea Party keeps stating to date that they are made up of groups of concerned citizens that are upset about the way they see government going. All the while their movement has events and speakers appear that are funded by big-money taking advantage of the relaxing of campaign finance laws in many cases.

Similarly with the Republican party...they have classically accused the Democrats of pandering to the interests of special groups and PACs for the sake of cash. But looking at last election's funding...the Democrats raised most of their money from many small public donations. This election cycle is much like that in regards to funding. However, the Republican party and its interests in campaigning against the Democrats have been funded by just a few millionaires and billionaires, or large corporations with specific interests that now have no limits to the amount of cash they can donate.

Is this a move to have America become a Plutarchy...e.g. government of the few privileged people of wealth? Or were we already nearly there in the first place?

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