Friday, July 16, 2010

Orlando, FL - Day 4

Today's destination: Universal Studios, Orlando! We got a late start to the park today, which is actually a good thing because you avoid most of the mad-rush to the major attractions at the park. We didn't really wait for more than 30 minutes to anything there for the whole day, except for the roller-coaster called "Rock-It" for which we waited for about 60 minutes. It was the best time I've had at a theme park, honestly.

My favorite attraction at Universal Studios was The Simpsons ride, though I realize now that I didn't take a photo of that attraction at all. It was a multimedia sort of ride, where you get in a rollercoaster car, but it just raises into a room with a huge screen that encompasses your field of vision, and the car moves with the action. It is fantastic though how well it convinces your body that you are actually moving. Great ride!

I'm looking forward to my 'day off' tomorrow where I get to just kick back by the pool and relax (i.e. no theme parks!)

Photos for the day are here:

You can see videos from today, or any of my others here:

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