Thursday, July 15, 2010

Orlando, FL - Day 3

Day 3 here in Orlando was quite a bit more lazy than our previous two days since I've been here. We slept in, once we woke the kids did a t-shirt painting activity here at the clubhouse, and then once we had some lunch we got on the road for Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island (click for map) which are both near Dunedin, FL just west of Tampa. I have a lot of videos for this blog entry.

Our first stop was Caladesi Island State Park, which is only accessible via boat. We took a ferry. It was nice to just lazily walk along the beach, look for shells, and have the waves rush in by your feet.

After the last ferry came back from Caladesi Island, we drove up Honeymoon Island to the north beach there had some dinner and enjoyed that beach. Of course the gulls wanted in on our food.

The ocean was beautiful here as well, and there were quite a few cool shells to be found here too. We'll be bringing back quite a few!

We rushed to a clubhouse to change into dry clothes, and got caught by huge rainstorm. I took an opportunity to try to move the car closer while the rain seemed to let up a little, but instead as I was getting into the car the wind caught the car-door, and I got hit in the forehead by the corner of the door. So, now I have an interesting souvenir from our travels...a possible scar in the middle of my forehead.

We figured we would just have to make a dash to the car and take off, because the storm didn't seem to be letting up. Sure we headed back into Dunedin the rain did lighten up significantly. Oh well. It was still a very nice day at the ocean.

Here is the link to today's photos:

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