Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Orlando, FL - Day 1

Jumped on a flight this morning on Allegiant Air to Orlando, FL.  Nice airline overall.  They don't offer any extras...no free beverage...really expensive bag checking, which prompted me to bring my lunch on the plan, and carry-on my luggage.  But the seats were comfortable and the flight-attendants were nice.

Didn't end up doing too much today...I painted a sand-dollar with the kids. It was fun....really....it really was.

After a little bit of dinner we set off to see Cocoa Beach. But we took off way too late and figured out that the sun would have set before we ended up getting there...so we nixed that idea and took a detour through the "Kissimmee Historic Downtown" where we found Pure Magic Ice Cream. Fantastic place and I definitely recommend their ice cream if you are here. Check out this video of them making our ice cream:

Tomorrow we head off to Islands Of Adventure!

update: forgot to add a link to this day's photos -

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