Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Republican Strategy #1: Block Everything

It seems pretty clear to me that President Obama has the Republican strategy figured block everything that comes from the President or the Democrats in general. But for whatever reason the media hasn't figured this out. Sure, the President has spent time listening to the minority, and chosen to use their ideas as he and his advisors have found fit. But it is all or nothing with the Republicans.

What makes me entirely frustrated with the Republican reaction is two-fold. First, armed with their own 'facts'...regardless of what professionals in the areas of question say...they pretend that they will cooperate in an attempt to save face while intending to block any idea that isn't theirs. Second, they assault the media with outright falsehoods that have long since been shown to be entirely inaccurate. The media doesn't typically call them on it, in the hope of giving airtime to both perspectives as to not be scolded themselves.

So, yeah...I'm ranting. I should give some credit to the Republicans in the House for conducting the business of the House least for the most part. Perhaps they are doing that only because they know that nothing will get through the Senate. But overall the whole of it is frustrating. Everyone, including the media, needs to wise up to the strategy of the Republicans, and just move on actually governing and representing the American public without them.

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