Saturday, March 27, 2010

Peace Coffee Review

Recently I ordered some coffee from Peace Coffee out of Minneapolis, MN.  We sampled their Tanzanian Peaberry, Guatemalan light-roast, and Ethiopian coffee.  All of these were brewed using a Hario pour-over.  All of the coffee was excellent.


  1. It's excellent coffee, but I would be careful - I believe their outfit is really a communist plot to win over the hearts and minds of American coffee drinkers under the guise of 'peace'. (Note to Glenn Beck followers: If you see the word 'peace', 'fair-trade', 'organic' or similar feel-good terms on coffee or other products, that is really code for a new Bolshevik revolution, and you should run as fast as you can.) :-)

  2. A tribute to Glenn Beck, inspired by Josh's warning

    P roletariate
    E ndangering
    A nd
    C apitalism
    E nding


    Sadly, that bad acronym is much better than some of Beck's.