Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Republican Cash-in then Trash Hypocrisy

There is good evidence that Republicans are actively opposing legislation in the House and Senate solely on the basis that Democrats concede that they would support previously proposed legislation from the Republicans. I.e. Republicans propose a solution, Democrats get on-board with that idea, and then the Republicans deny any support for the solution.

This has occurred with Health Care reform, as the current reform proposals are nearly identical to proposed legislation from the 1990s when Hillary Clinton was preaching Universal Healthcare. But now the Republicans are against their own ideas.

Even better than that are the cap-and-trade ideas being proposed. These are nearly identical to Republican proposals from the Reagan Presidency. YES...the REAGAN Presidency. But now that Democrats are willing to leverage that...the Republicans are against it.

And this is evident now with the "stimulus" bills. The massive bailouts under the George W. Bush administration were good policy ideas to Republicans. But even though the current stimulus package has tax cuts the Republicans asked for (nearly a 1/3 of the funds), and even though Republicans are taking credit for new jobs created by these funds in their own states and districts that were funded by the stimulus package, Republicans are stating that the stimulus is all bad and did nothing to help anyone. This is also despite a consensus by economists that more likely the stimulus package wasn't enough money (as opposed to being a lot of waste, as Republicans keep claiming).

How much hypocrisy is required before Republican voters realize they are being taken for a ride?

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