Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Here are the death panels

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For more on this...see the recent movie "Sicko"....which I actually just saw tonight. Yeah, I know...I'm behind the times.


  1. Curious to hear some of your thoughts on "Sicko."

  2. It was a well done movie. I would say that it was the least amount of the typical Michael Moore theatrics also. Only the megaphone to Guantanamo...and that was about it.

    The only questionable portion was if the nation of Cuba was performing a P.R. stunt in giving those people health care, but regardless of if it was or not...the United States' system is not that generous...as the movie showed prior to those scenes.

    My favorite parts of the film where the dispelling of the typical assumptions about nationalized systems (like the U.K. and France) and single-payor systems (like Canada). I've long been a fan of France's employee rights laws too...like their shorter work weeks, generous vacation time, along with their encouragement of wellness.

    I feel like I'm pretty informed for the most part about other country's systems, but there were a number of things that made me stop the movie and say aloud, "You have got to be kidding me!" It blows my mind that the United States is so corporate-minded and so often anti-citizen.