Thursday, February 11, 2010

GOP Now Throwing Bush Under the Bus

A little Missouri politics now for you. U.S. Senator Kit Bond, Republican from Missouri, is joining other Republicans to call for the resignation of John Brennan, who is the Deputy National Security Advisor, specifically because the "Christmas Bomber" was read Miranda rights after having been initially questioned.

Bond and other Republicans claim that there are Military tribunals that have been created since 9/11 that are supposed to interrogate such suspects, even though such things have existed for years and years, long prior to the 9/11 tragedy. This and apparently the lack of understanding that foreign convicted terrorists like Richard Reid were also read their Miranda rights, tried in a court, convicted, and incarcerated under the Bush Administration.

It seems that this hypocrisy can't be argued effectively by persons in the GOP, considering that Bush's Administration took the same actions as Obama's they are going to throw Bush's Administration under the bus now too.

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