Friday, February 26, 2010

The Bipartisan Health Care Reform Summit

I listened to the grand majority of the Health Care Summit online as it was occurring. Honestly, I felt completely ripped off by the Republicans. And I wasn't alone. At one point President Obama closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger as Republican talking points were being if to say, "Why the hell are they even here?"

I feel exactly the same way. And that is pretty much how it went. Republicans would repeat a number of talking points over and over:
  • Need to start over - the Senate bill is already a huge compromise. Most of the worthwhile features have been removed to please Republicans. Democrats need to learn that no compromise or common ground is good enough for the GOP.
  • the American people don't want this bill - That is partially true, but the reasons are important. Conservative people don't want the Senate Health bill because they fear the evil hand of 'socialism'. But there are a number of progressive people who don't want the bill because it doesn't do enough to really change how things are what is the point. The lie is that the American people don't want our health care system to change.
  • The bill would bankrupt America - this is a stupid argument, since it had already been shown to be deficit neutral.

Anyway...that is just a few points. For those that have a short attention span...let me direct you to these videos, which also accurately express my feelings:

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Bipartisan Health Care Reform Summit 2010
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The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Bipartisan Health Care Reform Summit 2010 - Government Unity
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

More hypocrisy about the Stimulus Bill from Republicans

Even FoxNews gets that what Republicans are saying concerning the Stimulus Bill (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) is hypocritical!

Eric Cantor, for example, says that it is full of 'pork-spending', though there are no earmarks in the bill. He also maintains that it has created no jobs, though in his own state it looks to create upward of 160,000 jobs. The majority of Republicans in office right now are following suit. This can't bode well for Republicans, regardless of what Democrats do.

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Then and Now - the Stimulus Bill

Again, despite Republican claims to the contrary...even while they hypocritically use stimulus funds to create jobs in their districts...the stimulus bill (The Recovery Act) has turned things around concerning job loss.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lobbying Firm Creates Guide for Laundering Campaign Money

K&L Gates lobbying firm has compiled a guide for firms to inform them how to lobby for or against them without having to deal with public scrutiny over their actions by laundering money through small third parties. This includes monies to promote the interests of foreign companies through their U.S.-based subsidiaries.

The recent Supreme Court decision is NOT about freedom of speech, regardless of what Republicans claim.

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President Obama remarks about the Stimulus Bill

Last-year's highly criticized stimulus bill, the Recovery Act, has had a ton of successes. There are no earmarks in the bill, it has saved or created over 600,000 jobs, given 95% of the American people a tax cut, provided money for needed infrastructure (roads, schools, utilities, etc.), and funded teachers, police enforcement and fire protection all across the nation.

Want to see exactly where the funds are going?

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C-SPAN link to the President's remarks about the Stimulus Bill

Thursday, February 11, 2010

GOP Now Throwing Bush Under the Bus

A little Missouri politics now for you. U.S. Senator Kit Bond, Republican from Missouri, is joining other Republicans to call for the resignation of John Brennan, who is the Deputy National Security Advisor, specifically because the "Christmas Bomber" was read Miranda rights after having been initially questioned.

Bond and other Republicans claim that there are Military tribunals that have been created since 9/11 that are supposed to interrogate such suspects, even though such things have existed for years and years, long prior to the 9/11 tragedy. This and apparently the lack of understanding that foreign convicted terrorists like Richard Reid were also read their Miranda rights, tried in a court, convicted, and incarcerated under the Bush Administration.

It seems that this hypocrisy can't be argued effectively by persons in the GOP, considering that Bush's Administration took the same actions as Obama's they are going to throw Bush's Administration under the bus now too.

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Kit Bond: John Brennan 'needs to go'
Kasie Hunt (2010, February 9). Politico.

More Hypocrisy from the GOP concerning the Stimulus Bill

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Republican Cash-in then Trash Hypocrisy

There is good evidence that Republicans are actively opposing legislation in the House and Senate solely on the basis that Democrats concede that they would support previously proposed legislation from the Republicans. I.e. Republicans propose a solution, Democrats get on-board with that idea, and then the Republicans deny any support for the solution.

This has occurred with Health Care reform, as the current reform proposals are nearly identical to proposed legislation from the 1990s when Hillary Clinton was preaching Universal Healthcare. But now the Republicans are against their own ideas.

Even better than that are the cap-and-trade ideas being proposed. These are nearly identical to Republican proposals from the Reagan Presidency. YES...the REAGAN Presidency. But now that Democrats are willing to leverage that...the Republicans are against it.

And this is evident now with the "stimulus" bills. The massive bailouts under the George W. Bush administration were good policy ideas to Republicans. But even though the current stimulus package has tax cuts the Republicans asked for (nearly a 1/3 of the funds), and even though Republicans are taking credit for new jobs created by these funds in their own states and districts that were funded by the stimulus package, Republicans are stating that the stimulus is all bad and did nothing to help anyone. This is also despite a consensus by economists that more likely the stimulus package wasn't enough money (as opposed to being a lot of waste, as Republicans keep claiming).

How much hypocrisy is required before Republican voters realize they are being taken for a ride?

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Here are the death panels

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For more on this...see the recent movie "Sicko"....which I actually just saw tonight. Yeah, I know...I'm behind the times.

President Obama at White House Press Briefing

The President gives some very no-nonsense responses concerning issues of bipartisanship, health care reform, jobs legislation, etc. Nice to see him surprise the press with a visit.

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin Video Roundup!

Palin criticizes Obama and tells the Tea Partiers that America is ready for another revolution. She's making hints about a run for the Presidency. And at the very least she is going to live large on the 6-figures she got from her 1-hour appearance.

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This video from DailyKos TV shows Sarah being all about the TARP funding in 2008, compared to now.

This next video is pretty sweet. It shows Palin reading cheat notes off her hand for the Q&A at the Teaparty Convention.

SNL does an off-color sketch concerning White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel's apology to Sarah Palin and others about his poor choice of comments.

Full speech from C-SPAN on YouTube
2010, February 6. Run time: 59 minutes

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Senator Shelby Hold Up Obama Nominees for $40-billion in Earmarks

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby, Republican from Alabama, has apparently put a hold on ALL of Obama's 70 executive nominations because his state is not getting $40-BILLION in earmarks for airplane and tanker manufacturing contracts, which apparently he has personal stakes in also.

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Reid: Shelby Has Hold On All Nominees
Dan Friedman and Megan Scully (2010, February 5). Congress Daily.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Christmas Bomber is Giving Information Without Torture

Umar Abdulmutallab (the Christmas Underpants Bomber) is giving the FBI valuable and actionable intelligence, by giving him right to due-process and enlisting the help of his family. This is all while the Republicans in general continue to demand that torture is necessary to get information from such a person...contrary to all the prior evidence as the ineffective nature of torture. Think the Republicans will change their tune now that treating a suspect humanely has produced very positive results?

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Haitians Still Need Help

Despite the decline of news coverage in Haiti concerning the disaster caused by the recent earthquakes, the people who live there are still in very desperate need. Please consider giving what you can to help feed, provide medical care, and give shelter to the Haitian people.

If you live in the Springfield, MO area, it may interest you that Convoy of Hope, listed above is from this area.  Also, there is a fantastic organization that packages nutritious meals called Kids Against Hunger.  They are in need donations to help pay for materials to make meals as well as other additional items that they can send to Haiti.  There is a list at their website.  Also, they are always looking for volunteers to help package meals.  Please visit their website for donation needs, drop-off sites, and volunteering information:

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Poll Concerning Republican Voters

This is the newest "Research 2000" poll from the Daily Kos. The poll was answered by 2003 self-identified Republicans all across the United States. The margin-of-error for this poll is +/- 2%

Some of these responses will astound you.

Sample of a few of the questions:

Q: Should Barack Obama be impeached, or not?
A: Yes 39%, No 32%, not sure 29%

Q: Do you think Barack Obama is a socialist?
A: Yes 63%, No 21%, not sure 16%

Q: Do you believe the birth control pill is abortion?
A: Yes 34%, No 48%, not sure 18%

Jon Stewart Comments on Obama's Q&A at GOP Conference

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Monday, February 01, 2010

The President's Budget for 2011

Under the President's budget, Missouri will see:

  • Tax cuts for 2.2 million families

  • $970.8 million for schools, students, and teachers

  • $1.2 billion for infrastructure improvements

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Peter Orszag's (Director of the Office of Management and Budget) comments on the 2011 budget:

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