Friday, January 08, 2010

Republicans and Conservative News Lie About Obama's Use of the Terms "Terror" and "War"

Perhaps the Republicans have been sleeping during this administration, or like unruly children been too busy yelling out things like "I object" or "You lie", instead of listening when the President was speaking.

Republican and conservative media criticism has been that it is the Obama Administration's policy to not use terms like "terrorist" or "terrorism" or "war" to describe conflict that the United States is engaged in, and how they could not trust a leader that didn't call these conflicts what they actually are.

The Republicans and conservative media are just completely wrong on this issue, as evidenced here:

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  1. Nope... he won't use the word 'terror' or 'terrorist' at all... except for the dozens and dozens of examples we just saw. :-? It's pretty sickening how people and media can just flat out lie about so many things and get away with it.