Thursday, January 21, 2010

God Must Be Angry

With the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti and all the suffering it has caused, people ask what God is angry with those people about. This is the question that Pat Robertson sought to answer with his comments. I think that Robertson's response misrepresents the character of God, and would submit instead that God did not cause the earthquake there and that there is no 'lesson' to learn from the destruction...except for the merit or lack of merit of OUR OWN ACTION for the people of that nation now that the tragedy has occurred.

Greg Boyd from Woodland Hills in St. Paul, MN gives a good sermon about the problem of evil, considering situations like this one in Haiti:

God Must be Angry from WHChurch on Vimeo.

"God Must Be Angry" - Greg Boyd, Woodland Hills Church, 8/22/2009

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