Friday, September 18, 2009

9/12 Tea Party

This is going to be a lengthy post because of all the video that I'm going to post. But I think that people should see this side of Americans. 9/12 Tea-Party attenders seem largely to firmly believe in specifics they cannot articulate, or are fanatically misinformed about

This first video is an excellent set of very calmly asked questions. Never does the interviewer antagonize or berate those he interviews. He just asks questions and lets them answer. But the answers reveal that the people there don't really seem to know what specifically they are outraged about, or where the specifics of the issues they are protesting originated from, or even if there is truth value to the specific they think they know.

This isn't pinning anyone down either. Here is much more crazy stuff that was recorded by the Associated Press.

It seems that even a person that has been very much on the far right, conservative side of the fence, Bill O'Reilly is interested in offering a public plan option. He seems to be interested in the well being of people who cannot otherwise afford health insurance. Keith Olbermann will have to take him off the "Worst Person in the World" list, at least for this comment.

More interviews. You can decide for yourself (talking like FoxNews here) if they know what they are talking about. The origin of this video is a conservative group, by the way.

One more...but this time for fun.

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