Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Single-Payer Healthcare

I have been humored in hearing people against healthcare reform talk about the mythical 'ObamaCare' program (Obama isn't writing any plans), about the imaginary 'we are going to euthanize the elderly' legislation, about the healthcare-rationing issue even though including rationing would kill the reform in the first place, about how you won't be able to choose your own doctor even though that is a requirement for any plan though, and the list goes on and on.

If competition in the insurance industry was going to correct anything, then the situation shouldn't have gotten worse over the past 25 years since the issue became really emergent during the Reagan Presidency. Yes, TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. If that industry is so able to govern itself...then healthcare costs shouldn't have exploded and the uninsured population grown.

I have wondered why the United States doesn't consider something that is more like a single-payer system, which excludes considering systems like the United Kingdom's. I'm not sure that the currently proposed plans will completely remedy the current situation, but at the very least the conservatives trying to kill everything about healthcare reform should first have a final piece of legislation to actually read and evaluate.

Anyway...The Cobert Report recently had Aaron Carroll on his show talking about the single-payer system.

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