Monday, August 31, 2009


Listening to the just the first 1/2 of the town-hall meeting today with Claire McCaskill made me a little sad at the state of people in my area.  McCaskill gave some pretty plain and easy to understand answers to the questions asked, but it amazes me that people are so against entertaining any healthcare reform of any sort.

Conservative people boo'ed McCaskill pretty much regardless of what she said.  Even at times that she was pointing out that the current system hid 'taxes' for other people's care inside the costs of the insurance the rest of us may purchase.  They boo'ed her when she said the bill in the Senate gives no money for abortions and no money for illegal immigrants.  They boo'ed her when she suggested they go to the House or the Senate's websites and read the bill for themselves.  One chap even suggested that the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution claims that we have no right to vote on any of this legislation, because they aren't powers granted by the Constitution.  Apparently he forgot to read the rest of it up to that point.  Crazy people.

Here is the full broadcast from the Gillioz Theater in Springfield, MO:

There is a lot of good information here if you can wade through all the ridiculous regurgitation of Fox News and the booing.

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