Sunday, July 05, 2009

Truly Tasteless Microsoft Ad

This is truly tasteless, and simultaneously suggests that your porn viewing is okay if you use IE8. Can't believe that they would think this is a decent promotion for their products. Watch it before Microsoft's lawyers pull it from YouTube...if you dare...

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  1. I have to make another comment on this video. Josh and I were chatting about it yesterday, and it is crazy that people were more disturbed by the vomiting, as opposed to being disturbed by the notion that it is okay for your husband to look at pornography, as long as he covers his tracks! Insane.

    I've noticed though that this is an interesting difference between featured videos and content for rival services though too. If you are on the Sony Playstation Store...there are violent previews and such, and some questionable content, as there are with most services. But then check out Xbox Live's video previews and such...and you will find a ton more sexual content as featured videos and such.

    Perhaps this is just Microsoft's M.O.... to play to the lowest social tendencies for business. Software piracy, sexual content and innuendos, and deceptive tactics.