Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Run-in with the commodity relationship

Just a quick note to say that I'm easily fooled by people who seem to exhibit actual interest in friendship, but then are actually just interested in convenience for their own company and interests alone.  I'd like to hope the best in people, and I don't think that I should change that general opinion...but man, does it trip me up.

I'm especially tripped up when it seems like those issues are discussed and otherwise addressed, but then the other party does nothing but go out of their way to promote relationship as a commodity.

I think that when people around here complain about their relationships being shallow, they are such gross examples of commodity relationships that even a relationship with a slight and only occasional concern for the other person is infinitely different from what they have in general.  And that is pretty sad, because it ends up that those people are now just more confused and more confusing than they were previously...as they would seem to desire something worthwhile...but really it is just that fleeting moment and only while convenient for them.

So, the obvious here is that there is no senses that can determine the future of another persons actions definitively.  We just experience what we can as it comes, and perhaps get glimpses into what people might do based on our experiences with them.  It is one that will likely disappoint more often than not.  But that is life, eh?  I wish that people would shed their tendency to treat relationships like commodities...as it is a disservice to everyone.

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