Saturday, July 04, 2009

July 4th in 5 minutes

This Independence Day was quite a stack of things.  This morning, after a very late night...i.e. a 5:00 am bedtime, I woke for the day at 9:00 am to say goodbye to some good Hungarian friends who came down for the past week or so from Rochester, MN.  I couldn't sleep again after I woke up, so everyone else in the house went back to bed and I sat down to a breakfast burrito and some coffee.

I played a couple video games, and talked to a good friend on the phone for a  few minutes, but the lack of sleep caught up with me, so I took a 2-2.5 hour nap.  When I woke another friend of Heather's and mine had called asking us to come by for some food and fireworks, which of course fireworks are illegal to set off in the city limits where we live, but since there was no show put on by the city...the city's skies were especially ablaze with lots of explosions and light.

We had a nice time with our friends as we haven't seen them in about 6 months or so, which is entirely too long of a time.  From there we went to another friends home to where our girls were going to spend the night, set off more fireworks illegally in the city limits with their neighbor, and were fed strawberries and spongecake.

We came home to a dog that wouldn't go to the bathroom outside because he is petrified by fireworks, thunderstorms, and even rain in general...of which we had both fireworks and rain, and even the thunderstorm in the distance.

I heard back from another good friend about grilling tomorrow.  His weekend apparently hadn't gone very well concerning some family issues.  So, I'm praying for and thinking about him and his family.

I practiced my set for worship at church tomorrow, and hope that it works out well for everyone that hears it.  I've also just finished an episode of "Mental", which is a show I've gotten attached to on Hulu recently.  I have heartburn from too many fatty foods, so I've taken a Zantac 150...and I'm finally feeling pretty tired.  I should get to bed as I have to wake at 7:00 am to get to read for and drive to church at Milestone.

Interesting day.  It didn't really make me reflect upon what we declared independence from that created this holiday...but more about what I have the freedom to enjoy (or lament), from the hurt that my friend is experiencing to the joy of hanging out with people you care about.

My 5 minutes are up.

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