Monday, July 20, 2009

Don't Text While Driving

I just had to dodge a woman on Friday who was drifting on the road, and I could see she was texting with both her hands.

According to a U.K. Transport Research Laboratory study, commissioned by the Royal Automobile Club Foundation, motorists sending text messages while driving are "significantly more impaired" than ones who drive drunk. The study showed texters’ reaction times deteriorated by 35 per cent, and a whopping 91 per cent decrease in steering ability, while similar studies of drunk driving indicate reaction time diminishment of about 12 per cent. By that measure, DWT is three times more dangerous than DUI, and should logically be treated as severely, if not more so, both under the law and in terms of social censure.

Here is another mention about a 2003 study at the University of Utah concerning having a conversation on a cell phone vs. DUI, and it concluded that just talking on a cell phone was generally worse than those with 0.08% blood alcohol.

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  1. Oh, those Canadians and their sound reasoning. Pff. :-)

    I had a driver today turn left (in front of me) into the actual left turn lane just before an intersection, but doing so in order to merge into the regular lanes. So a moment later, when we had a green left-turn light, they were still trying to merge right, blocking me from turning left at that intersection. They then almost hit a car in the regular left lane while trying to move into that lane, then at the last moment came to their senses and decided they had no choice but to turn left there (and we both made it through the left-turn light).