Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Social Experiment - Update

Two weeks ago I posted that I was going to do a social experiment.  And for the most part I kept to my own rules, except for in a couple cases to preserve at least working relationships at work.

Basically, the experiment's rules were these:  1. That I would discontinue ALL types of passive communication...i.e. instant messengers, social networks, Twitter-like services, etc.  2. That I would only return calls if called.  3. That I would only return e-mails or pages if e-mailed first.  4. That I wouldn't ask anyone to do anything, but wait to be asked.

The point of those rules was to only have proactive and active communication with those who were also wanting to communicate with me in some manner or another.

In the process I found out a number of things about who is indeed part of my life, and who really depends on 'passive communication', if that really is communication at is really more like electronic spying, to be up to date with me and things in my life.  And really the point was that simple.

So, let me say that I appreciate very much all the people in my life that haven't bowed the acceptance of 'passive communication' and those who actually keep up with their friends.

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  1. This is interesting and your experiment will probably be mentioned at our next Grab a Brew Share Your View event in July.