Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Notion of Entitlement Played Out in Public

Like most of the times that I drive in the Springfield area, a driver deliberately put himself in a position to endanger our lives and to 'teach' me a lesson about driving. I'm a person that drives the speed limit, or just over it, and pretty much obeys all the traffic laws. And for that (apparently) I must pay.

But it makes me think about the notion of entitlement around here, and actually pretty much anyplace else I've been in the United States. This is not a political commentary, and I'll warn people that might make it so that I really won't entertain those comments. But it seems to me that though it is clear every one struggles with their own sense of entitlement, it is not largely the impoverished that make their mark on anyone's day with whatever sense they might have. Instead it is the wealthy.

Notice how often the notion of 'living up to the standard by which they have become accustomed' is an issue in the media with the wealthy as they divorce. Look at the large amount of consuming, and observe when people take for granted what they consume...and who consumes the most.

So, last night when I had my life put in wasn't a person in a beater...or a person in a Honda Accord...or someone in a Chevy Blazer. It was a guy in a really nice looking, white Porche. I'm going too slow into Nixa...and he has places to he needs to teach me a lesson by driving as close to my car as possible without hitting me, many times so close that I couldn't see his headlights...but could see him, note his hair color, and see that he was smoking a cigarette...all at 55MPH north of Tracker Rd.

He could have passed, but that wouldn't teach me to get out of his way with my pathetic little Honda Civic. Instead he chooses to drive that close from the 'bowl' on 160 north of Nixa all the way to the Wal-Mart parking lot. Needless to say...I didn't get out of the car and potentially be taught other lessons. So, I drove off.

But that seems to be the case on the road with people weaving in and out of traffic at 80 MPH on Hwy 65...Audis and BMWs...Hummers and Corvettes... All with places that they need to be before you. And they'll take your lawful driving to task to get where they need to go. Who are we kidding though? Most people in this area are horribly unlawful and inconsiderate when it comes to driving. So these people are just flat out excessively dangerous.

So thank you to all the coastal immigrants that bring up the average total income (read: capital gains) so that Springfield can have more restaurants per capita than anywhere else, and so that we can have so many stores of every type imaginable. But please let us all, that is both you and people not you, get where we need to go safely.

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