Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Irony of New Years

I think that New Years is sort of an irony in and of itself. Our culture proposes that it is about renewal, change, and good will to each other. However, New Years Eve tends to be one of the worst night for crimes and moral offenses of the whole year. For alcohol abuses, New Years is only rivaled by St. Patrick's Day (which is an irony of its own). In Springfield, St. Pat's and NYE are a couple notable days for police because both holidays do they set up checkpoints to harass everyone, regardless if you drink or not. This night is notorious for starting the year off with the mistake of sleeping with someone. And most 'resolutions' for the new year fail or end nearly as quickly as they are decided on. I'm happy for those who are able to redeem this holiday with good fellowship and actual good will to each other, rather than moral downfall and taking advantage of each other. Otherwise, New Year's Eve and Day are just party holidays, and nothing more.

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