Monday, December 24, 2007

No Christmas for Me

Well, it looks like there will not be a Christmas for me this year. At least not in the manner that most people celebrate. I will be without my family or my friends tonight and tomorrow morning. Santa will not come to my household.

This week I was on-call for work, which is not such a big deal...except that it meant that I was available for an upgrade on Saturday. It should have only taken 3 hours. But an unforeseen issue caused a problem. So, I was up for 42 hours straight...31 of which were spent on this one upgrade and the subsequent issues. And even today again since 7:30am...and continuing now. Lots of other personnel were brought in from the company I work for as it isn't like it was a mistake on the agency's or my part. We all worked until there was at least a good plan in place.

But the result is that I've been busy for a full 2 days...and my family traveled north to Kansas City for Christmas with my parents without me. I think they should have fun there, but I can't help but wish that I was there too.

I could of course try to rush up there after I finish the last tasks I have today for work. But that would put me there after the kids where in bed, and I'd just be there for a couple hours before we'd have to take off again...but this time in two cars. And 1/2 my relatives have left back for Iowa this morning. So, really there is not much point, while I'm still exhausted and a little sick now, to travel.

I'm not feeling sorry for myself though...and don't expect that of any of you who read this either. The birth of Christ is still the point of this holiday, and I will praise Him. So, Happy Christmas to you all, good will to people, and blessings! Appreciate the truly good and pure things you have in your life, because life here is short...and meant to be lived as Christ.

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