Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blog Tag - albums I'd recommend

I've been blog-tagged by Brooks Hanes to list 3 albums I'd recommend purchasing, if you don't already have them. So, here is my picks (with links!), brother man:

1. "Mute Math" by Mute Math - These guys are pretty amazing. They mingle hard-edged pop with loops and even a bit of reggae, and come out with an album where I am genuinely interested in pretty much every track on the disc. A couple of the guys are from the Springfield, MO area (where I presently live), and the others from New Orleans and Texas. Their shows are not only would I recommend their CD...but also their concerts.

2. "Dwell" by Vineyard Music (Casey Corum, Robbie Reider, Sheri Keller, Dave Fife, Jessica Ketola) - This is one of the single most influential recordings in modern worship for perhaps the last 10 years. This CD may not seem any different on the surface than any other worship music recording, but it is aimed at regaining a connection to arranging music that is pleasing as a listening and a worshipping experience (which unfortunately most worship music is cliche and not especially interesting or talented). This aims at regaining a connection to the rest of the music world.

3. "Full Attention" by Jeremy Riddle - Another heavily influential disc in this change of direction with worship music to be concerned about arranging, engineering and using musicianship to engage people in worship. This man has an amazing heart and honesty toward God.

So, there you all go! I hope you enjoy.

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  1. I concur! I just looked at my iTunes, and the song Dwell, from the album Dwell, has played 1466 on my computer alone (from all the times I kept it on continuous replay all through the night), not to mention how many times I listened to my CD...

    And my Jeremy Riddle CD has spent many weeks on continuous replay in my car as well.... it does such a perfect job of capturing one's desire to be good and right before God. Wow.

    And Mute Math, of course, is just plain fun. I'm still proud to be the first person to talk about them here in Austin before everyone else realized how cool they are.