Thursday, May 03, 2007

More on Pat Tillman

It makes me truly ill as a follower of Christ to see people who are supposedly fellow believers say things like what has been said about the Tillman family.

What kind of Christian in compassion tells a family that they should be happy that their government lied about the nature of their son's death, and then claims if only they had faith in Christ that they would actually be happy about their son being shot up by his fellow soldiers? Is it a compassionate and loving action to move the blame from the Army and U.S. government when they lie instead to someone's faith?

Tillman heart goes out to you for all your struggles, and all the deceit that you've had to endure from those you thought you could trust. My hope is that you won't let these misguided and loud few persons claiming to issue you correction concerning faith. My hope is that you don't let those ill actions reflect poorly upon Christ, whom they seem to claim as who they follow.

Not to diminish that point, but it the editorial cartoon from Tom Tomorrow illustrates the problem all too clearly:

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