Sunday, April 22, 2007

Countdown to Closing

We're in Springfield now. I had a very unrestful night last night when we arrived. We had the cats with genius idea...lets up their sandbox, food and bed in the utility room...where my wife's sister (and us) won't have to worry about them. Our little, agile cat, Smokey, climbed up into the exposed ceiling downstairs and was wondering around their drop-panel ceiling.

This all came to be rather bad after I had already been calling to him, quietly...since it was like 1:30am. Smokey breaks one of the ceiling panels but manages to stay up in the ceiling.

I wake my wife who is very unhappy at my apparent lack of resourcefulness. She gets a step stool and a favorite toy of the cat's. When he lets his guard down...I grab him. Thus they are now left to wander the house...but at least the ceiling is safer.

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