Thursday, February 08, 2007

Good People

I have been in Springfield for just a short time now, but I'm really liking Springfield more and more as I'm here. Sure, the drivers are a bit crazy...but I like the people whom I've met both at work, at church, and outside of both of those. Training for work is going really well, and I believe that it is something that I will enjoy.

A couple nights ago I went to a men's small group meeting for the church, and just there were only three of us there. But that was cool to get to know those guys a little bit. We had some good discussion in rabbit-trails. :-) During the process they mentioned when the worship team's practice was, and I asked if it would be inappropriate for me to just show up and hang out.

So, last night I went to the worship practice and talked to the leader of the group, and he asked if I had my gear there. I didn't, but where I'm staying is so close to the church that I drove over and got my rig and guitar. It was a nice practice, and I really enjoyed and appreciated being included. So, I'm playing for the services this Sunday...which I'm really glad to be doing. It is nice to be involved.

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