Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nintendo Focuses on Entertaining, not Complicating

Nintendo has a good mission in entertainment. They want to create an extremely simple to use product that provides a good, fun, and diverting time for the user. Their gaming strategy doesn't generally create a paradigm when you have to spend hours at a time in tedious many PS2/3 and Xbox/360 games tend to focus on.

And this very simple and no-nonsense approach is working for them, as evidenced in their sales:
Nintendo to ship 6 million Wii by March. 35 million DS sold. 1.5 million Virtual Console games sold
(supadupagama,, Jan 25, 2007)

In my opinion they are the best entertainment system for video games on the market. Check out Nintendo's site for the Wii and DS to see their products.

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