Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple's iPhone

Everyone needs to check out this phone. It makes the Microsoft "Smartphone" into the idiotphone. Apple's iPhone does everything from being a portable media player, to being a portable web/e-mail device, to being the most kick-butt cell phone that anyone could imagine....all with tremendous ease of use.

This phone does movies, music, the web, e-mail, contact management, SMS messaging, voicemail, conference calling, photos, maps, weather, instant messages, stocks, takes pictures, calendaring, etc.

It is everything that the average smartphone has been trying to do for years, and failing (or doing a clumsy job of it). And the price point is right at were the new smartphones are priced as well.

Apple iPhone


  1. So.... how long until you get yours? :-)

  2. It has a pretty complete feature set for a phone, which has inspired a number of people to make fun of that fact.

    This one was apparently shown on Conan O'Brien's show:

    iPhone Commercial

    Pretty funny.