Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Precious

(in snowy white to mock the lack of snow in my area)

I've gotten sick of my battery failing on my older 15GB iPod, so I decided it was time to collect on the Best Buy warranty that I purchased then. It worked faithfully for me up until the past couple months. It must have had a couple of the power-cells fail or something. Good bye my lovely white iPod.

My trade options were pretty good as a replacement. I could have gotten a black 30GB iPod Video, but I can't see myself watching video on my iPod, nor did I ever fill up even the 15GB of my other iPod. Plus I plan on continuing to jog, and would rather not have moving parts (like a hard drive) in my iPod.

So, I opted for the other replacement option, which was a black 8GB iPod Nano. Mmmm....such goodness! My precious!

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