Friday, December 15, 2006

It is official...

I'm moving.

I was offered a really fantastic job in Springfield, MO. I think that on a career-level it will offer a lot of new directions and possibilities. And I really appreciate the people on the team that I'll be working they all seem to work together really well and with great candor.

This will also put our family in the same city as my wife's sister, which will be great for their friendship, as well as both of our kids' relationships with each other. This also puts me quite a bit closer to my parents, which will be good.

Unfortunately moving always puts you further away from friendships that I have here in Rochester. I hope that I will still be able to keep my friendships. is Springfield, MO on a map (click me!)

My last day at Mayo Clinic is Friday, January 12th, and I begin work in Springfield on the following Monday. I'll be back and forth a little bit as we attempt to sell our home here in Rochester.

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