Thursday, September 20, 2012

BPA Still in Soda Cans and Other Food Packaging

As it turns out, Bisphenol-A (BPA) still in soda cans, soda bottles, baby-formula containers, canned food, and other food packaging.  

Is the Can Worse Than the Soda? Study Finds Correlation Between BPA and Obesity
Joseph Stromberg, Blogs, Sep 18, 2012.

Perhaps it is just better to NOT purchase food in plastic at all that has long-term, direct contact with these packaging plastics, e.g. no soda except in glass (and soda has the HFCS issues too), no bottled water, no canned food (only glass jars), no frozen foods in plastic bags, no frozen dinners on plastic or plastic-lined cardboard trays (which is all of them), etc.  This obviously creates a problem since so much is in plastic like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.  And we package our lunches in plastic bags and plastic 'Gladware' containers.  

Perhaps we just need a shift in our thinking about convenience and such...figure out how to use mason and canning jars for things, save and reuse glass containers, only use glassware or stoneware for eating and drinking, reheat food only on tempered glass or stoneware, wrap sandwiches in waxed paper, etc.

Sure, this may be less convenient, but avoiding long-term issues because of simple avoidance seems to be worth it in my opinion.

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