Monday, May 16, 2011

Heaven and Hell Debate between Rob Bell and Adrian Warnock

I'm right in the middle of Rob Bell's newest book titled "Love Wins", and so far as yet, it appears to me that most of the people who are creating negative press for the book suggest essentially one thing:  He is a 'universalist'...meaning that he thinks that all people go to heaven.

Personally, I have a hard time believing that most of these critics got past page 2, when Rob just merely asks the question how someone else can know for certain whether Gandhi is in hell or not.  Their problem started on that page, and from the criticisms it sounds like they put the book down at that point too.

The book asks some very thought provoking questions, which I think was the point, and I don't believe that those who make it past page 2 would believe that Rob thinks that everyone makes it heaven.  Though again...the point isn't that, but the question of the here and now...since God desires that everyone would be saved.

So, read the book, but in the meantime check out this interesting interview/debate:

See this video and hear other radio interviews on "Unbelievable?" Premiere Radio.

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