Saturday, July 11, 2009


I started graduate school today.  I think that I'm going to like it quite a bit.  I've never been much for the corporate ladder...but I think that this coursework will help me quite a bit in my job too.   I'm looking forward to all this.


  1. Congrats. During one of my first grad school classes, our adult ed prof gave us this little pep talk about how few people actually get 4-year degrees much less go on to complete a master's, especially if you look at it from a world-wide perspective (I'd like to get my hands on those statistics, I can't remember if she said it was like 4% or even less?). Makes ya feel a little elite, eh? The feeling fades, trust me.

  2. Like I said I'm not really a corporate ladder sort of guy. I'm more interested in just taking care of the family and be able to do the other things in life (church, music, etc.). The tech fields have been fairly good to me so I'll continue in that as long as it does. :-) Especially, as you and I have both mentioned...if work is willing to better their organization by paying for some or most of their employee's growth.