Monday, June 22, 2009

Xbox 360

I broke down this week and bought a Xbox 360 for myself to play a couple game titles that are only on the 360 or on a Windows machine. The title that I bought first was a game called "Mass Effect". It is one of Bioware's RPGs.

I bought the 360 second hand...about $300+ worth of stuff for $200. But what strikes me is how crazy loud this thing is! I have a PS3 already...but it is very quiet in comparison.

Just having the Xbox 360 turned on is louder than my PS3 when it is hot and running all the fans on high. Now, the PS3's power supply is inside the box, whereas the 360's power supply is external...but yet the 360 still runs hot almost immediately. And when it does, as is the case as soon as you start playing a game, the fans really get loud! I had to turn up the volume on the TV just to hear the dialog over the 360's fans.

I'm enjoying getting to play Mass Effect, but wow is the Xbox 360 a very cheaply made system.

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