Saturday, April 04, 2009

No more social websites

I finally saw the light with social websites and networks, including micro-blogging, which isn't really doing a web-article or web-log at all, but just a string of status updates and nonsensical gibberish.

As more and more people get in an electronic social circle, more and more the quality of the communication you have goes down. Slowly, but surely, it became easier for people to just check my 'status', as opposed to calling or actually being interested in real life. People who used to call me and ask about life now don't call at all, but rather check Facebook and leave a little comment there.

So, my conclusion with MySpace and Facebook are that they cheapen communication, and ultimately cheapen relationships. Twitter is essentially running 'texting' logs for the web, and 'texting' was never considered anything more than cheap communication. So, why would Tweeting be anything more than that?

The 'drama' part of this is how I arrived at that conclusion. I wrote a status 'complaint' about people writing nonsense statuses or tweets, inside comments, or things that should have been messaged to just one or two people but instead were sent to everyone's feed. A friend of mine wrote me messages saying that I shouldn't take social websites so seriously, and that they exist purely for fun. Of course he is one of the people who writes the posts I have a problem with. So, I did a little experiment. I started posting a series of nonsense postings or ones that didn't have anything to do with me or him. He promptly removed me from his the people who he follows. Apparently still not getting that I was only doing what he was doing to me.

I hadn't looked into some of the harm noticed by other people and professionals really until now. I'll list a few articles that I happened to find recently:

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