Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama's DNC Acceptance Speech

Most of Barack Obama's ideals are ones that I hope and pray for among the nations. This is one of the good, inspiring speeches that makes you proud to be an American. It is interesting that this speech was viewed on television by more than 38-million people, which is more than the finale of American Idol (thank goodness!!!) and even the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. This is the full 44 minute speech.

John McCain's Connection to Big Oil & The Enron Loophole

John McCain admits he doesn't know much about economics or energy. And this video demonstrates who McCain aligns himself with.

Writing again

I've been busy with work, music at church, and spending time with friends and family. There has been a lot I've wanted to write about in the past few months, but I just haven't. Now we are in the midst of political change again, and though I am committed to THE Kingdom, and do not put my faith in the kingdoms of this world...there are things that wish to comment about politically, especially as most of my coworkers and fellow Christians put so much trust in the Republican nationalist pseudo-Christian political movements. Sorry all...but I can't jump on the McCain bandwagon, as though he might be anti-abortion, he doesn't represent any other ideal I hold to be accurate. So, I'll be writing. :-)