Friday, December 21, 2007

Guess it doesn't matter

I guess my sacrifice, advice, and willingness to stand with people who I thought needed me didn't really matter. Instead I am essentially called a hypocrite, and while they claim to appreciate my friendship...they would rather everyone (including me, I have to assume) to leave them alone, because they are not here to please anyone...they don't fear man...they just fear God, but of course without the litmus of anyone else. Even if I did have sins in my life (as if any of us don't), it doesn't invalidate my observations or understandings...but apparently it does to them. That is a great way to invalidate everyone else's experience, wisdom, or opinions. They probably don't think they are doing that. So, I put my heart out on a limb, and it was handed back to me with a note saying that they don't want to hear any more. Can you appreciate a friendship and tell them to bugger off at the same time? I don't those notions seem opposed to each other. I'm not sure also how exhortation to follow God's ways is actually narcissism either. I guess it doesn't matter...whatever I say that is counter to their decisions is unacceptable to hear now.

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