Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What is this about?

A number of people have been concerned or at least wondered about my postings of recent. I've been very frustrated with a number of things with life, church, and work as of recent. Quite a number of my expectations have been blown.

But part of this whole thing turned into an observation of some of the 'advice' that I would get from people. It was truly amazing how many people made every suggestion that is essentially stuffing it, without, of course, saying to stuff it.

I don't know why people believe that there is something wrong with acknowledging all the evils in the world, or that many things really indeed are unfair or depressing? The real problem would come in when people simply don't deal with the things before them...and not by stuffing them...but instead by changing their circumstances, adopting new expectations, or perhaps starting a new thing in their lives.

But I think that this is how you know who really cares about you. Those that tell you to buck-up, or just to focus on positive things...they just don't really want to hear you. Those that want to walk with you into change and positive improvement...those are the friends who you want to hold on to, because they are the ones that really care.

Thank you to those of you that cared enough to offer your time to me. It makes a difference.

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