Sunday, October 07, 2007

I hope things change for the better

I've received a number of e-mails concerning my recent postings from people who know me and had conversations with others about postings of this nature. I've chosen to lay out a number of depressed and sobering thoughts. Not all of the thoughts are necessarily mine, but all of them embody things that I'm at least in the presence of.

I've been wrapped up in my own disappointments, blown expectations, and opportunities taken away...that I've not spent enough time finding joy in the things are there, or people who are there, for me. I've essentially taken for granted a number of people in my life. And to those that I have, I apologize.

But the situations are still there...people still choose to make poor choices...ones that are detriments to their lives even when they think it will amount to the opposite. We are such an arrogant people. We are so self-centered and so self-isolating. We create our own loneliness and most people have zero understanding of community.

Well, this is too big a subject to discuss in this meager blog. I just needed to say that things will change.

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