Thursday, October 04, 2007

But not for you

I lie awake once more
Staring at the ceiling
Between brief naps
Always interrupted

Recalling the days
That are always in passing
Knowing that all this
Just slips away

Try as you might
To get all you time
To actually matter
But you fail the same

For people do not want this
They want the superficial
They want the easy for them
All for them and nothing else

This is the game
To find the ones that want
For more than this
For something actually shared

This isn't just a woman
That is the question
This is about the real
The real relationships

It the non-self-serving ones
The ones that offer themselves
For the friendship they have to give
Rather than the fair-weather ones

The fair-weathers insulate you
From the things they know that you
Disagree with in their walk
Putting up walls to do what they want

Such a sad and selfish culture
To push people into convenience
To use them, and be the close one
Only when they are in need

But not for you

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